Guideline In The Museum

Brief Information

Japan Match Manufacturers Association and Japan Match Lateral Corporation operate this Match Museum.
The biggest feature of this museum is superior match labels, which are specially selected from Rankei Library's gigantic match label collection of twenty or thirty thousands pieces owned by the Japan Match Manufacturers Association.
Mr. Yutaka Kato, match label collector, has helped us to compile this museum.

How to enjoy the museum

1)  Put the mouse on a room of the museum map shown above, which will bring you the explanation of the room.
2)  When you click the mouse on the room, you can enter the room.
3)  Museum map is shown in upper side of each page, so click the mouse on the room where you would like to visit.
4)  At the exhibition corner, 20 match labels in the same category are randomly selected from the database and shown.
Every time you visit the room or when you click the updating button, new 20 labels are shuffled out and shown.
If you are interested in seeing special labels, click the search button.

Match Label Corner

We have this corner to surprise you with displays of match labels which you might have never seen before, since they were selected from gigantic collection of Rankei Library. We periodically renew the displays so that you can enjoy them every time you visit this corner. The match labels archived in Rankei Library were manufactured from before the World War II to today, but most of them were made before the war.
Characters of the labels before the war are quite different from those of after the war, so for now we display superior match labels made only before the war at the regular displaying corner.
Also, we have categorized the labels as 1) company's brand, 2) advertising, 3) overseas' brand, so that designs of the match labels are easily seen comparably. Further, there are 12 categories to explore them systematically, namely company brand labels are classified by design, advertising labels by industrial field, and overseas' labels by country.
We'll have another corner ready for you to see matches to light a cigarette, collectors' hobby labels, labels of memorial days, and other labels manufactured after the war to today.